Sony Entertainment Announces Tonka Trucks Movie

In some interesting news, Sony has announced that they will be releasing a Tonka Trucks movie along with Happy Madison Productions, which is run by Adam Sandler.

A Sony spokesperson said the following:

“In its 65 years, Tonka has become more than a toy or a brand – Tonka trucks are a rite of passage for kids all around the world. We look forward to creating a family-friendly motion picture that brings the Tonka experience to life.”

What makes this even more bizarre is the timing of this release. Battleship has sunk at the box office and the popularity of the Transformers series is starting to cool down. Furthermore, Adam Sandler seems like a peculiar choice as he hasn’t been funny for a while now (arguably ever) and a Tonka Truck film doesn’t seem like a good fir for him.

However, both Sony and Happy Madison think there is profit and fun to be found in these toy trucks. Personally, I am morbidly curious to see the results, I don’t think they’ll be positive though.

The real question now is, whatever happened to that proposed Hot Wheels film?