Sony Officially Kills The Crow By Pulling The Film From Its Release Schedule


For better or worse, it doesn’t look like we’re going to get that reboot of The Crow starring Aquaman’s Jason Momoa anytime soon. While the remake of the 1994 gothic action fantasy film was set to start shooting in the coming weeks with an October 2019 release date in mind, Momoa and director Corin Hardy both exited the project due to creative differences back in May.

It was a big shock as things had looked to have been progressing relatively well, too, what with Hardy poised to switch gears from The Nun to The Crow before the year’s end. Pre-production was already underway, and April even brought word that the director and his team had planned to get the cameras rolling in Budapest, Hungary fairly soon. But that was before a speedbump emerged in the form of – you guessed it! – creative differences.

Now, adding even more insult to injury, Sony has officially pulled the pic from their schedule. While it was never going to make its October 11th, 2019 release anyways, the fact that the studio’s now wiped it from their slate means that the project’s 100% dead in the water.

Of course, there’s always a small chance that they’ll re-visit it at some point, but given that it’s essentially been sent back to square one, we wouldn’t expect to hear anything about The Crow for a very, very long time – if ever. After all, they may just decide to leave it on the shelf for good.

Fortunately, you won’t have to wait too long to catch the next projects from both Momoa and Hardy. While Aquaman hits cinemas on December 21st, Hardy’s Conjuring spinoff, The Nun, arrives September 7th. And though The Crow’s future is currently in jeopardy, at least Momoa has gone on record saying that he still wishes to play the vengeful Eric Draven one day. Whether he’ll get the chance to do so or not, though, we’ll just have to wait and see.