Sony’s Reboot Of The Crow Stalls As Jason Momoa And Director Corin Hardy Walk

The Crow Brandon Lee

The Crow Brandon Lee

The Crow has been grounded. And not for the first time.

Per Deadline, Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Justice League) and director Corin Hardy have officially walked away from the troubled reboot, leaving it to plunge into the depths of development hell once more.

Things looked to have been progressing relatively well, too, what with Hardy poised to switch gears from The Nun to The Crow before the year’s end. Pre-production was already underway, and last month brought word that Corin Hardy and his team had planned to get the cameras rolling in Budapest, Hungary within the next five weeks. But that was before a speedbump emerged in the form of – you guessed it! – creative differences

The Crow

Sources close to Deadline trace those differences back to Samuel Hadida, whose production banner Davis Films holds the underlying rights for The Crow. It had also agreed to bankroll Sony’s modern-day retelling, before Momoa and Hardy cut ties with the studio after close to 10 months spent developing a new take on the famed anti-hero known as Eric Draven – a role once occupied by the late, great Brandon Lee.

Fresh off his work across Game of Thrones and the DC Extended Universe, the Powers That Be cast Jason Momoa in the title role for what promised to be a lean, mean superhero movie, one that was also decidedly different (and darker!) than its peers.

Sadly, it wasn’t to be. And it appears Sony Pictures is now on the hunt for another director to come in and breathe new life into The Crow – you know, providing it doesn’t have its wings clipped again between now and then. As always, watch this space for more.

Source: Deadline