Sony Pictures Registers Trademarks For Console War Movie

Be it Atari vs. ColecoVision, Sega vs. Nintendo, or PS3 vs. 360, the console wars have always been a major aspect of gaming culture. Sony appears to recognize this too, with their Sony Pictures Entertainment film production studio registering several web domains that appear to hint towards some sort of “console war” movie.

Check out the registered domain names below:

Now, these all are essentially the same thing, but what do they mean? Could Sony really be putting together some sort of movie surrounding the console wars? Probably not. Companies buy up domain names all the time, even if they don’t plan on doing anything with them. They dothis often as a preemptive measure just to make sure they own the name and that it doesn’t go to some random Joe. Honestly, there’s a good chance you’ll never hear about this again after you read this news post.

If I had to put my money on something actually coming from this, however, it would be on some sort of internet viral marketing arising in the near future showcasing some sort of fictional conflict between Sony’s PlayStation 4 and whatever the next Xbox is called. Sony’s been stuck in third place of the home consoles this entire generation, so they’re most definitely planning something to make sure that doesn’t happen next time around.

Perhaps this “console war” thing will play into that.

Source: Whois

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