Sony Refuses To Confirm If Tom Holland Will Be In Venom 2


The Spider-Man movies under the MCU have given us arguably the most popular incarnation of Peter Parker ever, in addition to some great villains from the comics. Yet, ironically, Spidey’s most popular antagonist is still to meet him in a live-action film.

Tom Hardy’s Venom movie was a massive box office success despite moving the character out of the Spider-Man mythology, as a consequence of different studios owning the properties. But now, a new little tidbit has been revealed vis-a-vis Spider-Man about the upcoming Venom sequel, which you can see below:

Keep in mind that a ‘no comment’ is not a definite ‘no’ in Hollywood terms. It simply means the details are still being worked out. It also means that there’s still a chance that Spider-Man will be making an appearance in the second Venom movie, although at this point, it seems it’ll be nothing more than a cameo.

With the sequel going into the details of the rivalry between Venom and his offspring/mortal enemy Carnage, it makes sense that there’s little room left for Peter to do anything more than show up for a couple of scenes. And if recent reports hold true, then it seems that’s exactly what he’ll be doing, despite Sony’s refusal to confirm it.

In any case, Tom Hardy had already done his bit to encourage rumors of a Spider-Man/Venom team up when he posted and subsequently deleted a picture on Instagram where he wore a Spidey costume. The director of the first Venom movie, Ruben Fleischer, had also previously confirmed that even though the anti-hero symbiote has different origins in the film, he’s going to get back to his roots in later chapters of the franchise and is now on an eventual collision course with Spider-Man just like in the comics. And fans might just get an appetizer for that collision if Spidey ends up making a cameo in the next Venom feature.