Sony reveals new ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ concept art

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by Keane Eacobellis

Newly unveiled concept art from the MCU and Sony’s recent Spider-Man: No Way Home shows some of the early ideas for the film that never made it to the big screen.

Among the images shared by No Way Home concept artist Marek Okon are several exploring the Mirror Dimension’s mind-bending appeal, along with one displaying the film’s three Spider-Men around the Statue of Liberty. Okon shared the images on Twitter and teased fans with plenty more to come.

Fans have been lapping up every ounce of Spider-Man-related content since No Way Home was first announced, hardly slowing in their obsession even after the film hit theaters. The slow release of concept art is a perfect way to tide fans over until No Way Home is available for purchase or streaming, a highly anticipated date that is still several months away.

Plus, the fresh concept art lets fans get a glimpse of what could have been. While the spectacular scenes that made the final cut were in no way disappointing, it’s still fun to see the alternate options that were ultimately nixed.

The first of the concept images shows a downward view of a very warped New York City. The streets below are stacked in geometric clusters, folding away to reveal uninterrupted sky far below — or maybe above? It’s disconcerting and captivating, with a feast of careful details buried behind each corner and overhanging rooftop.

The image is one of several “Mirror Dimension concepts” Okon produced for the film. While he noted, in his tweet, that he wishes No Way Home had “used that small town USA fractal setup in the movie,” the final result was still pretty breathtaking.

Another image from the Mirror Dimension shows a much more familiar scene. As noted by Okon, his second image is much “closer to what was actually used in the final scene.” It shows a messy — but somehow still organized — tangle of overlapping rocks surrounding a cruising train. It has far fewer details than the city scene, but this may be why it — or something similar to it — was chosen. You can only take in so many details in the midst of an action-packed film like No Way Home.

Okon’s final image looks so close to the final product viewers could easily be forgiven for mistaking the shot with an official poster. Each of the film’s three Spider-Men appears in the image, caught mid-swing alongside the altered Statue of Liberty. Facing them, with an explosion at his back, is Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin. In the sky behind, hints of the sandstorm that harkens Flint Marko’s arrival can be seen mixing with lighting produced by Electro.

The image looks like it was taken straight out of the movie, apart from a few details. Primarily, Tom Holland’s Spidey suit isn’t quite right. He’s wearing the black and red fit from Spider-Man: Far From Home instead of the integrated suit he dons in No Way Home.

Alongside the final image, Okon noted that he is “almost done” sharing his No Way Home concept art with Twitter. This idea didn’t sit well with fans, who quickly complained that they were far from done enjoying his creations.

Hopefully, Okon takes the hint and keeps that concept art coming.

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