Sony Will Still Release James Gunn’s Horror Film This Year


Last month, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was dealt one helluva sockdolager when The Walt Disney Company fired filmmaker James Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 – who, mind you, had been the shepherd of the irreverent supergroup since the first film entered development in 2012. While decidedly unfortunate, the adverse effect of his termination was not solely contained to the highest grossing film franchise of all time.

Prior to the commencement of San Diego Comic-Con, Gunn announced via Twitter he would be in attendance in order to promote “something dark, sweet and special.” Unfortunately, however, he was let go less than a week later and as a result, was removed from participating in the Sony Pictures panel.

Common knowledge indicated Gunn was scheduled to assist in the promoting of a currently untitled horror movie, on which he served as producer. The film, directed by his long-time friend David Yarovesky, was ultimately pulled from the panel and has remained a mystery ever since. Thankfully, though, Sony lifted the veil of obscurity yesterday and disclosed when we can expect to see the surreptitious production.

James Gunn guardians

According to (H/T ScreenRant), Sony will be releasing the horror movie on November 30th of this year. Apart from the target date, however, not much else was revealed. Although evidently, The H Collective project was written by Brian and Mark Gunn – brother and cousin to James, respectively – and will star Elizabeth Banks (Slither).

As for the latest on Gunn, Disney put their foot down last week and despite an outcry of support from Dave Bautista and the rest of his lovable ragtag crew, the House of Mouse will not be entertaining the notion of rehiring the beloved filmmaker. That being said, there’s clearly still much support for him in the industry and we imagine James Gunn will find his next gig before long.