Sonya Blade Will Reportedly Have A Bigger Role In Mortal Kombat 2

Mortal Kombat

Jessica McNamee might take second billing in the credits of Mortal Kombat behind Lewis Tan, but up until the third act she doesn’t get to do much more than deliver exposition to the leading man and audience surrogate, and to hammer that point home, she’s even got one of those cork boards with bits of string tying various images together that movies and TV shows love so much.

The actress’ Sonya Blade is the one that explains to Cole Young in painstaking detail the ins and outs of the mythology, and there are a number of recurring references to her annoyance that she doesn’t bear the mark to take part in the titular tournament itself. Of course, that all remedies itself when she murders Kano with a garden gnome and acquires his arcana, allowing her to help Cole take down Mileena and setting her up for a much bigger role in the inevitable sequel.

In fact, according to our sources – the same ones who told us Luke Skywalker would be returning to Star Wars long before The Mandalorian‘s season 2 finale aired – that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Presumably, it’ll be tied to the impending introduction of Johnny Cage, who looks to be a huge factor in Mortal Kombat 2 and has plenty of history with Sonya across the franchise’s various iterations.

Director Simon McQuoid has already outlined his intentions for a more significant female presence moving forward, so hopefully that means Blade isn’t just reduced to Cage’s love interest and gets a little agency of her own, because she’s always been one of the more popular Mortal Kombat characters and arguably wasn’t given enough of the spotlight in the box office and HBO Max smash hit.