Sony’s Spider-Man Expanded Universe May Include Silver Sable Movie


Sony’s Spider-Man movie universe received a boost yesterday when chairman Tom Rothman confirmed that the studio still plans to push forward with some of those long-rumored webslinger spinoffs. Sinister Six and Venom were two projects in development years ago that may be back on the table, and according to a new rumor, there’s another fan favorite character earmarked for a solo outing: Silver Sable.

Silver Sable hails from Marvel comics, and as part of Sony’s Spider-Man licensing deal from decades ago, the studio is entitled to use her on the big screen. She’s a spy, mercenary and generally a bit of an antiheroine, so that makes her perfect franchise fodder. After material like Deadpool proved audiences are happy to back an antihero, Silver Sable’s a solid choice for a Spidey spinoff.


The news comes from former Wrap reporter Jeff Sneider on this week’s Meet The Movie Press podcast. During his time on the show, he confirmed the project’s existence after it was first teased in e-mails published during the Sony hack. The film is in development with a script currently getting hammered out by The Invisible Woman and Suffragette scribe Abi Morgan. The idea of a female-led superhero flick would be a most welcome addition to the comic book movie canon; fans have longed for a Black Widow spinoff since she made her debut in Iron Man 2.

All that’s for certain now is that Spider-Man: Homecoming is the next – and only – Spidey-related movie slated for release. It could be that Sony is waiting to see how audiences react to the film before greenlighting a Silver Sable flick.

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