Sony’s Zorro Reboot Will Have “Near-Future” Setting, Gravity Scribe Jonás Cuarón On Board To Direct


Citing Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight as inspiration, all signs pointed to Sony gunning for a post-apocalyptic aesthetic for Zorro Reborn. In the time that’s lapsed since we last caught wind of the studio’s masked bandit, it appears the project has been given a total overhaul, with plans now in place for the reboot to be rooted in the near-future.

That’s according to The Hollywood Reporter, revealing that Gravity co-writer Jonás Cuarón will write and direct the remake now formally known as Z. It’s by no means the only property to get the futuristic treatment under Sony, given the company is also whisking Robin Hood and his fellow men in tights into the not-so-distant future for a “revisionist” and “gritty” and “reimagining” and just about every other buzzword that comes to mind.

As for Zorro – sorry, Z – Cuarón is reportedly eyeing a summer start date, though given just how long the reboot has been languishing in development hell, we’ll reserve judgement until the a release date is carved into stone.

Even still, the addition of Cuarón is the first positive beam of light to shine over Sony’s Zorro reimagining in an awful long time, and if the writer-director – who recently made his directorial debut by helming Gael García Bernal and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Desierto – really is to stick to that accelerated production timeline, expect casting news and possibly a release window to emerge blinking into the sunlight soon.

Lantica Media and Sobini Films will lend financial support for Sony’s Z, with Jonás Cuarón taking point to whip the “near-future” reboot into shape.