Sounds Like Fox Really Is Moving Ahead With That Fantastic Four Sequel


Near the beginning of this entire Fantastic Four debacle, the studio stated that despite all of the negative reviews and fan backlash towards the movie, they were committed to the characters and still planned to forge ahead with a sequel. Of course, that was before the film began to flop at the box office!

Most of us felt a poor showing financially wound be the final nail in the coffin, but HitFix’s Drew McWeeny is now reporting that Fox still plans to move forward with a follow-up flick.

Everything I’ve heard would indicate that the studio will move forward with a “Fantastic Four” sequel. It may not make that original 2017 date, but they’re definitely planning to make it.

McWeeny also seems to come firmly down on the studio’s side of things here, claiming Fox made every effort to accommodate director Josh Trank and back his vision for Fantastic Four for as long as they possibly could. Trank’s recent controversial claim about his cut of the film being vastly superior than the one released in theaters is also refuted, as apparently that was far from the opinion held by almost everyone else involved in the production.

Whoever is to blame, it’s hard to put a positive spin on the end result, and Fox is going to have to make some drastic changes leading into any sequel they might be planning.

Source: HitFix