Sources Say First Avengers 4 Trailer Is Imminent


Now that Captain Marvel has emerged into the spotlight, Marvel fans everywhere are beginning to ask the question: when, exactly, can we expect the first teaser trailer for Avengers 4?

Marvel Studios hasn’t even announced the title yet, so it’s probably safe to say that we’re still a ways away from learning anything official regarding the sequel and its super-secret story. But make no mistake about it, folks, the clock is ticking, and should Kevin Feige and co. adhere to a similar strategy to the one put in place for Infinity War, the first footage for Avengers 4 ought to be online very, very soon.

In fact, that’s something which is corroborated by a new report, which explains that at the moment, the trailer is going through DMR. Or, Digital Media Remastering, for those not in the industry. Basically, it’s a process to prepare it for IMAX showings, but what it indicates is that it’s almost ready to be made public and many believe it’ll be here next month. That’s largely been the most popular guess for when it’ll arrive, but now that we know it’s undergoing DMR, it seems even more likely.

Of course, there’s also a good chance that the preview will coincide with the long overdue revelation of the movie’s title, at which point the next big milestone in the promotion of Avengers 4 will arguably be the release of the film itself, which we already know to be on May 3rd, 2019.

But before we get to that, we need that much anticipated trailer and given that Feige has stated it’ll debut before the year’s up, we’re going to go with November for now. As soon as we get something in the way of official confirmation, though, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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