When Can We Expect The First Avengers 4 Trailer To Drop?


When will we get our first glimpse of Avengers 4? That’s the question on every Marvel fan’s lips. Well, behind “when are we going to get our first glimpse of Captain Marvel?” and “when do we get to learn Avengers 4‘s title?”

The studio’s keeping mum on the subject at present, so it’s left to the rest of us to try and guess just what their plan of action might be. Thankfully, CinemaBlend has come up with an array of possibilities for when we can expect the coveted first trailer, and it sounds like it could be here in the next few months.

Here’s what they put forth:

  • November – As has previously been pointed out, the most likely slot for the Avengers 4 trailer is this November. Seeing as the first teaser for Infinity War dropped at the same time last year, it’d certainly make sense.
  • During The Super Bowl – This would be a little later than expected, but the Super Bowl in February could be the natural home for a new Avengers 4 trailer as it’s the next big marketing event for Disney to make use of.
  • Before A Disney Release – The Mouse House might attach the first Avengers 4 trailer to one of their major upcoming releases. Ralph Breaks the Internet arrives in November, so that’d be the best bet.

CinemaBlend also goes on to joke that perhaps Avengers 4 won’t have a trailer at all. They make the very valid point that hype for the movie is so high that Marvel and Disney hardly need the marketing to drum up interest and could just preserve the experience of watching it in cinemas completely spoiler-free. However, having no trailers for a production of this size would be unheard of.

As for the Captain Marvel mystery, the latest intel is saying that it could be with us next month, which would make sense with the movie releasing in March. This would also feed into the idea that Avengers 4‘s trailer will drop in November. Time will tell, but we’ll certainly let you know once we get something concrete.