First Trailer For Avengers 4 Expected To Arrive In November


Ever since Infinity War ended on the biggest cliffhanger we’ve yet seen in the franchise, Marvel fans have been desperate to receive some info on Avengers 4, which is coming next May. Many expected that to happen once Ant-Man and the Wasp was out the way. It was even theorized that the film might end with the reveal of the fourth Avengers movie’s title.

In the end, though, Ant-Man 2 arrived and – apart from its brilliant, shocking post-credits scene – it didn’t provide us with any clues about the Infinity War sequel. As such, it seems Marvel Studios is happy to leave the marketing for Avengers 4 dormant for the moment. Some are feeling put out by this, though as other movies – such as DC’s Shazam! – coming out around the same time have already delivered their first trailers.

So, when can we expect to get our first glimpse at Avengers 4? Well, MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad has looked to the past to come up with a likely prediction of the future. He reminds us that the initial trailer for Infinity War arrived pretty late as well – specifically, on November 29th, 2017. Given that this strategy of delayed gratification worked well for Marvel last time, it stands to reason that they’ll repeat the process and drop the initial teaser for the super-sized sequel this November.

This will then ensure a short, focused burst of publicity for four or five months until the movie arrives at the beginning of May, or possibly the end of April, if Marvel pulls the same move as they did with Infinity War. Like last time, the studio will surely be trying to prevent the hype for the film from dissipating before it’s arrived. At this rate, it seems likely that the trailer will also be the first time the official title for the pic is unveiled.

Conrad’s theory does seem like the most plausible turn of events, but who knows, maybe Marvel will surprise us and drop it even earlier? Regardless, once we have something more concrete to go on in regards to the Avengers 4 trailer, we’ll be sure to let you know.