Sources Say We’ll Never See Ben Affleck As Batman Again


The era of Batfleck is drawing to a close.

Amid conflicting reports and online rumors pertaining to The Batman, the good folks at Revenge of the Fans bring word today that Ben Affleck’s DC career is ostensibly over, with Matt Reeves casting the net in search of his own Bruce Wayne.

He’ll purportedly be much younger than previous incarnations, which makes sense when you consider that Reeves is angling his standalone flick to be the beginning of a whole new Batman trilogy. There’s even been talk that The Batman could share something in common with Joker (an ’80s setting, perhaps?), Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix’s origin pic that has since been slated for a fall 2019 release by Warner Bros.

Whatever the case, Revenge of the Fans has cut through the white noise to present two all-but-confirmed tidbits relating to The Batman. They are as follows:

It will center on a younger Batman than we’ve seen in the last three movies that featured him (Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League).

Penguin will be a baddie in it, but more of a mini-boss, to borrow a gaming term. He’s someone Batman will encounter along the way.

News that Oswald Cobblepot will feature isn’t all that surprising, either, given Josh Gad has spent the past few months campaigning for the villainous DC role. He’ll supposedly play second fiddle to the Court of Owls, a posse of Gotham’s richest families that ought to be familiar for anyone who’s sat through Fox’s ongoing prequel series.

Matt Reeves has only just begun to hire his production crew for The Batman, so it’s fair to say that his long-gestating spinoff, one that may very well introduce the 10th Caped Crusader, is still incubating in the early stages of development. As always though, we’ll keep you posted should we hear anything further.