Space Jam: A New Legacy Star Wants To Be The MCU’s Miles Morales

Miles Morales

It’s a matter of when and not if Miles Morales makes his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut, with Kevin Feige admitting years ago that the fan favorite iteration of Spider-Man exists out there somewhere after Donald Glover’s Aaron Davis referenced his nephew in Homecoming, which pricked up the ears of comic book enthusiasts everywhere.

Tom Holland has hardly been shy in making it known that he’d love to see his Peter Parker share the screen with Miles, and even though the actor is planning to stick around as the MCU’s web-slinger for a long time to come, the constant rumors swirling around December’s No Way Home would indicate that there’s more than enough room in the franchise for more than one friendly neighborhood superhero.

In a new interview, Space Jam: A New Legacy star Cedric Joe, who plays LeBron James’ fictional son Dom in the divisive Warner Bros. blockbuster, revealed that he’d love to stick around the big budget effects-driven sandbox for a while yet, and named Miles as a character he’d love to play.

“The Marvel franchise is something I’ve always wanted to be a part of. And you know, they haven’t really made a Miles Morales Spider-Man film yet. So there’s still a possibility.”

If Marvel Studios can draw inspiration from Sony’s animated Into the Spider-Verse to bring multiple Spideys into live-action, then there’s no real reason why they couldn’t repeat the trick by positioning Miles Morales as the star of his own series. It’s been heavily touted dating back years that he’ll be showing up in the movies eventually, but it still feels as though it may be a long way away yet.

When it does become official, then every young actor in Hollywood that fits the bill will be queuing up for an audition, and Joe’s experience working against a green screen could give him an edge.