Sparks Fly In The Tense First Clip For Sony’s Venom Movie


Sony’s standalone Venom movie is now so close we can almost hear the gnashing teeth of Eddie Brock’s Sinister Symbiote.

To prove it, IGN has premiered the intense first clip for Ruben Fleischer’s budding franchise-starter in which Tom Hardy’s Eddie quizzes Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) about the allegations being leveled against the Life Foundation.

Essentially, they suppose that Drake and his goons scientists have been preying on the most vulnerable members of society, before pushing them to become hapless test subjects in their cruel and twisted experiments – experiments that just so happen to involve fusing human DNA with that of an alien symbiote. Unsurprisingly, things don’t go exactly as according to plan, and everything goes to hell in a handcart.

But IGN’s exclusive clip teases the calm before the storm, as the dressed-down Eddie Brock begins pressing Carlton Drake about what the Life Foundation is all about.

This is surely lifted from an early segment of the movie, given previous trailers have revealed Carlton Drake to be Riot, one of the five symbiotes and a major hurdle for Eddie Brock and his newfound alien ally (?) to overcome.

Because at the core of next month’s actioner is a dual character set-up between Brock and Venom – between human and symbiote – and by all accounts, it seems Tom Hardy raises the bar when portraying the moment when two become one.

Venom slithers into theaters on October 5th, with box office analysts predicting a strong opening weekend in the region of $60M. Whether that’s enough to jump-start an entirely new trilogy of comic book movies remains to be seen, but if nothing else, the PG-13 rated movie is on the verge of becoming one of fall’s biggest releases.