Spawn Officially Adds Avengers Actor Jeremy Renner For Major Role


The cast of Blumhouse and Todd McFarlane’s Spawn movie has officially grown by one today.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, MCU veteran Jeremy Renner (Avengers 4) is locked in to play Twitch, a morally-just police officer who ultimately becomes an unlikely ally to Jamie Foxx’s Al Simmons, the man imbued (cursed?) with demonic abilities after a cruel twist of fate leaves him to wander the Earth as a spawn of hell. And we mean that in every sense of the word.

For Renner, this casting announcement comes after a full week of rumors and intense speculation, though let it be known that the actor, who recently headlined zany comedy flick Tag, has secured another major comic book movie role for 2019. No prizes for guessing what the other one is…

Indeed, if you’re familiar with the original Spawn comics, you’ll know that the character of Twitch earned a spinoff series of his own, so there’s really no telling what the future holds for Jeremy Renner and Jamie Foxx. It is early days, after all, though writer-director Todd McFarlane still believes a Venom/Spawn crossover movie isn’t necessarily out of the question.

Whatever the case, Spawn is targeting a production start this fall. That tells us McFarlane and his team have one eye set on a 2019 theatrical release, and while it’s too soon in the process to begin talking about specific dates, the comic book scribe has vowed to deliver an overly faithful rendition of Al Simmons.

The takeaway? Expect Spawn to double down on dread and supernatural thrills over gratuitous gore.