New Speculation About Allegiance In Captain America: Civil War Emerges

Vision 2

Nothing gets the rumour mill churning quicker than a superhero movie, it would seem, and the upcoming Captain America: Civil War is certainly no exception. A project with so many beloved Marvel characters going head-to-head is bound to attract fan theories along with all that heightened expectation. It is the nature of the film’s premise, however, that specifically breeds speculation, since it begs the question: which side are these heroes on?

While the actual plot of the movie is obviously under wraps, a lot can be surmised from the source material upon which it is loosely based – Mark Millar’s seven issue Civil War series, published from 2006-2007. In it, the U.S government responds to the high levels of damage, death and destruction caused by superhero incidents, by passing a Superhero Registration Act, intended to ensure that these extraordinary individuals operate under official regulation.

In the comics, Captain America opposes the Act, arguing that heroes need secrecy in order to protect their lives, and those of their loved ones. Iron Man supports the Act, arguing that heroes need oversight. Spider-Man is caught between the two factions, and The X Men remain neutral. While The X-Men will obviously not be appearing in Captain America: Civil War, we know that a new interpretation of Spider-Man will indeed be included – though it remains to be seen whether his position will reflect that of the comic books.


We also know that the positions of Captain America and Iron Man do, for the most part, reflect those from the comic books – although Captain America’s argument may need to be adjusted in light of the fact that most of The Avengers aren’t exactly secret in the movies.

The latest speculation surrounds the allegiances of the wider range of characters – specifically Vision (Paul Bettany). Heroic Hollywood reports that Vision may well switch sides during the course of the movie, from Iron Man’s camp to that of Captain America, before heading off into space on an unknown quest at the end of the proceedings.

Could this be the central twist in Captain America: Civil War? It may well be, if you subscribe to the assumption that he begins the movie on the side of Iron Man. In the source material, he plays a vital role in the final showdown between the two icons, and he is firmly in support of Captain America at that point.

All will be revealed, once and for all, on May 6th, 2016.