Spider-Man And Venom Rumored To Team Up In Spinoff Building To Secret Wars

venom mcu

The Marvel Cinematic Universe rumor mill doesn’t have time to dwell in the past, with scuttlebutt looking years into the future already, based on one or two very recent developments.

The post-credits scene of Venom: Let There Be Carnage dropped Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock into the same reality as Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, who returns to our screens in a matter of weeks when Spider-Man: No Way Home finally comes to theaters. A crossover is guaranteed at this point, but a new report from Geekosity claims that there’s much more to come.

As per the site, which maintains that Secret Wars will be the MCU’s next epic inter-franchise extravaganza, Spider-Man and Venom will join forces to do battle against obscure villain Knull in a spinoff based on the Planet of the Symbiotes arc that eventually dovetails into the all-star epic that brings the next phase of storytelling to a close.

Knull is the self-proclaimed creator and God of the Symbiotes, who only made his comic book debut in 2013, but is purportedly already being lined up to do battle against two of Britain’s finest Toms in a Marvel/Sony co-production that directly leads into an event-sized blockbuster that the Russo brothers said would make Avengers: Endgame look like a minor skirmish by comparison.

Silk and Spider-Woman are also mentioned, so the Spider-Verse is combining with Secret Wars inside the MCU if Geekosity’s information pans out, which is far from guaranteed at such an early stage.