Spider-Man fans left floored by Tom Holland’s Iron Spider admission

By Keane Eacobellis

Spider-Man fans have been shocked after Spider-Man: No Way Home star Tom Holland made a shocking admission about his true feelings on the Iron Spider suit. With the MCU’s Peter Parker being sponsored by Tony Stark, the webhead has generally worn costumes developed by Iron Man. The most recurring is the Iron Spider, which was introduced in Homecoming and stuck around through both Avengers movies, Far From Home, and the new threequel. But it turns out Holland himself is not a fan of it.

In an interview with IMDb, Zendaya made the revelation that her co-star and IRL partner has some major beef with the Iron Spider suit. While he stressed he thinks there are “cool aspects” to it, Holland admitted that what “irritates” him about the outfit is “those stupid gauntlets” —i.e. the golden bands that wrap around Spidey’s wrists — which he revealed made it impossible for him to mime the classic “thwip” web-shooting pose.

As the Iron Spider is so synonymous with his Spidey, fans are losing it on social media over the fact that Holland has been secretly hating it this whole time.

The truth hurts.

*J. Jonah Jameson voice* Tom Holland is a menace!

Strong feelings are being had.

On the other hand, those who’ve never liked the Iron Spider themselves are feeling vindicated right now.

Well, the good news for Holland is that it looks like the Iron Spider suit will be permanently shelved after NWH. It’s not a spoiler to say that Peter switches to a couple of other suits in the movie, as that much is clear from the marketing, Likewise, without the support of Stark going forward, Peter is going to have to rely on his own sewing skills from now on. And something tells us the hero’s next suit won’t come with bulky gauntlets.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is out in theaters now.