Spider-Man Fans Mass Dislike Sony Pictures Videos To Demand Next No Way Home Trailer

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Image: Sony / Marvel

MCU fans have been eagerly awaiting any more information regarding the upcoming Spider-Man sequel No Way Home, and they’re especially hungry for a new trailer. Given this, other Sony projects seem to have been caught in the crossfire as droves of fans downvote new videos to the studio’s YouTube channel.

Each video to be posted to the Sony Pictures Entertainment channel in the last week, other than a clip from Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and the first trailer for the highly anticipated Uncharted movie, have been decimated with dislikes from disgruntled Marvel fans.

The comments on these posts follow a similar trend criticizing Sony for not releasing the next No Way Home trailer rather than the content of the trailers themselves.

While we’ve had plenty of glimpses over the past few weeks, there has still been no poster for Spider-Man: No Way Home, and the last time we got a trailer for the very first one for the movie almost two months ago.

Rumors of when the second trailer will air have been varied with the most likely being that it will come attached to a Sony or Marvel release later in the year. This could be as soon as next month’s Eternals film, though nothing of the sort has been confirmed. A timeline shared by leakers claimed that it would be coming between Oct. 20 and Nov. 5 making Eternals release the perfect spot.

For now, fans will need to hold out and remain hopeful, but even with the mounting pressure on the Sony YouTube channel, it’s unlikely that the studio will amend its plans to appease fans.