‘Spider-Man’ fans sharing what they want to see in the next trilogy

There was almost no chance of Tom Holland walking away from the role of Spider-Man after the release of No Way Home, but the actor has been shouting from the rooftops about how much he’s looking forward to no longer being under contract with either Sony or Marvel Studios to play the superhero.

He’s only 25 years old but has already been playing Spider-Man for close to half a decade, so he’s more than earned a brief sabbatical. Yesterday’s onslaught of Spider-Monday news brought word that a second solo trilogy was in the works, even if Sony sought to pour cold water on the comments made by Amy Pascal.

Of course, that hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of the fanbase one iota, and as you can see below, one of Twitter’s current trends has fans sharing what they want to see happen in the next three movies.

Peter Parker will be heading off to college, that much we can be sure of, but outside of that it’s an almost entirely blank canvas. We could be meeting new versions of old favorites or Spider-Man icons we’ve never seen in live-action before, making it a hugely exciting time for the fanbase once the multiversal escapades of No Way Home have been resolved.