Spider-Man: Far From Home Has Messed Up The MCU Timeline Again


Much like Tom Holland during an interview, the team behind Spider-Man: Far From Home has slipped up again. Fans will remember how Homecoming seemingly messed up the entire timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by claiming to be set eight years after The Battle of New York in The Avengers, only for that to be publicly retconned by Kevin Feige himself.

Now, the web-slinging sequel has managed to mess up the timeline once again as the movie closes out Phase 3 following the epic Avengers: Endgame. It seems pretty straightforward; Far From Home (as announced by a character in the movie) takes place eight months after Endgame, which would place it in the summer of 2024. But some eagle-eyed fans have noticed that this opens up a few considerable holes in the timeline.

The most obvious is that Peter Parker seems to have been 16 years old for almost a year and a half. In Homecoming, he says that he’s 15 but has already battled half of the Avengers by that point after debuting in Captain America: Civil War. Even with spending half a decade being dusted by Thanos, Peter’s still only sixteen when offered a beer by Mysterio in Far From Home. But based on the way the American school calendar works, that means a birthday has been skipped over given the movie’s place in the timeline.

The five-year time jump, the sudden reappearance of Peter and his classmates and school and a summer vacation to Europe are causing headaches for fans trying to work out the specifics of the MCU’s timeline, as there’s a bunch of dialogue in the movie that locks Far From Home into a fixed point in the bigger narrative that doesn’t quite tie in with what was established in Endgame. It may all seem like nit-picking, but after the ‘Eight Years Later’ retcon from Homecoming, Jon Watts and his team should be going over Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s calendar with a fine-tooth comb.