Alleged Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 Story Leak Points To The Sinister Six And Mysterio’s Ally


Slowly but surely, we’re beginning to form a better understanding of Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 ahead of its big release next summer.

For one, it’ll herald Jake Gyllenhaal’s first major comic book gig, as the prominent Hollywood actor has agreed to take on the role of Quentin Beck (AKA Mysterio) for the 2019 sequel, in which he’ll leverage villain duties with the returning Adrian Toomes/Vulture. Suffice it to say, Spidey is up against it.

Adding to this is a new and rather extensive leak that’s emerged online via CBM, and while it ought to be flagged as a big fat rumor, there are one or two intriguing possibilities littered in this alleged story dump. Chief among them is the fact assertion that Marvel’s Homecoming sequel kicks off immediately after the super-secret finale to Avengers 4, which certainly makes a lot of sense when you consider that Spidey’s second solo adventure will help establish the parameters of Phase 4.

There’s also more evidence to suggest that Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 will be a global affair, shipping Peter Parker off to the likes of England, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Italy as he battles Mysterio. Speaking of Gyllenhaal’s chrome dome, CBM’s alleged scoop also indicates that Quentin Beck’s trickster will be fighting alongside a revamped version of Rhino in what is surely a teaser for Marvel’s Sinister Six.

Chances are the villainous ensemble will be shelved until Marvel’s third Spider-Man solo film, as Homecoming 2 reins the focus in to Mysterio, Vulture and (possibly) Kraven the Hunter.

Nevertheless, Oscorp and The Daily Bugle, two fixtures of the Spidey-verse, are both said to feature in Spider-Man: Homecoming 2, as is Jessica Drew (AKA Spider-Woman), who may well be introduced as Peter’s new love interest. Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, word is Ant-Man and/or Daredevil (!) will cameo in the finished product. All of this is yet to be confirmed, of course, but we can expect to learn more about the 2019 sequel as time wears on.