More Spider-Man: Homecoming Merchandise Offers Another Look At Peter Parker’s Suits

The annual New York Toy Fair kicks off tomorrow, and with it comes a wealth of new merchandise for many of 2017’s biggest and most exciting movies. Unsurprisingly, Spider-Man: Homecoming is among them, and Funko has today unveiled a number of toys for the upcoming reboot, which all go on sale a little later this year.

The massively collectable Funko Pops promise to be a must-have item, but they’re particularly noteworthy because they offer up a fresh look at the wall-crawler’s different suits in the movie. In the gallery above, we see Peter Parker in his civvies, his homemade costume, and the version created by Tony Stark, which first debuted in Captain America: Civil War. Also, look closely at the Vulture’s figure and you may notice that he appears to be wearing some sort of gauntlets on his hand. Could those be the same ones we’ve seen Shocker using in the trailers?

It seems highly likely, and if that’s the case, Adrian Toomes is going to pose an even more serious threat to Peter in Spider-Man: Homecoming than we initially suspected. There’s also a new shot of Iron Man’s “Ultimate” armour, though our best look at that came in the form of action figures not too long ago.

Next up for Marvel is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and once that’s released, we can probably expect the marketing campaign for Spider-Man: Homecoming to really take off. For now, though, these figures are very cool and should make the wait for Spidey’s new film just a little bit easier.