Spider-Man: Homecoming Star Tom Holland Wants To Explore Peter Parker As An Adult Further Down The Line


Similar to Chris Pratt’s affinity with Star-Lord and the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man: Homecoming actor Tom Holland has no intention of hanging up the mask anytime soon, after the young up-and-comer told Empire that he wants to play Spidey for a “very long time.”

How long, exactly? Try 20 years, with Holland noting that he’s already pitched an arc to the Powers That Be that would have him explore Peter Parker as a “35-year-old man.” There are some logistical issues to consider, of course; by the time Homecoming opens in two months’ time, Tom Holland will already have turned 21, and given that Marvel plans to construct a Spider-Man trilogy rooted in a high school setting, it remains to be seen whether Marvel’s creative players will take heed of the actor’s wildly ambitious vision.

If nothing else, Marvel fans can take solace in one simple fact: Tom Holland wants to remain part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for as long as possible. Here’s what the actor had to say to Empire:

Peter Parker is a character we see [in the comic books] as a 15-year-old boy and then as a 35-year-old man. So I have an idea of what I’d like to do, and I’ve pitched it and it’s already been taken into the boardroom. It would be really cool if it pans out, because it means I would be Spider-Man for a very long time.

On July 7th, Spider-Man: Homecoming will unleash The Vulture upon the unsuspecting masses of NYC. He’s a blue-collar worker who holds a particular grudge against Tony Stark and the remaining members of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – Stark’s Damage Control is responsible for forcing Adrian Toomes and his allies out of a job – and it isn’t long before Peter Parker gets tangled up in the mess.

Source: Empire

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