Here’s How Spider-Man’s Introduced In Avengers: Infinity War


With the event movie of the year now only just over a month and a half away, the shape of Avengers: Infinity War is beginning to come together as more and more info arrives. In particular, EW have just dropped a Hulk-sized amount of plot details as part of their extensive cover story coverage.

One question they’ve provided an answer for is just how Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will be introduced into the action in the film. As teased in the first trailer for Infinity War, Peter Parker will suit up when he sees a bizarre alien ship arriving over New York while riding the bus to school – here’s the description EW gave:

“Tom Holland’s Spider-Man springs to action during a class field trip when he spots a strange Q-Ship hovering over New York City. With the help of the Iron Spider armor, he manages to clamor onto the ominous machine.”

There’s a few interesting points to pick out here. First, we now know that the wheel-like vessel that appears above Manhattan is called a Q-Ship. No doubt these are a particularly powerful part of Thanos’ arsenal. Their exact function is unclear, however.

The description also reveals that Peter will somehow get hold of the Iron Spider armor immediately upon discovering the danger. If you recall, at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, he turned down the opportunity to take the suit, so we’re not sure how he’ll come by it when things get tough.

Once again, though, this provides more confirmation that Spider-Man will go by the Iron Spider moniker in the movie, as merchandise has previously come to light featuring the name. We also know that the suit will have optional spider-leg like appendages, though we’ve yet to see them in action.

Avengers: Infinity War lands in cinemas worldwide on April 27th.