‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ answers lingering question about Doctor Strange

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Spider-Man: No Way Home rounded out a trilogy for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and resolved many ongoing plotlines for the character, for a debut that’s bringing people to theaters in droves and even inspiring some Oscar talk.

Warning: Spoilers about Doctor Strange to follow.

But it also contained a lot of new information about Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange, including some big hints as to why he didn’t turn up to deal with Wanda Maximoff enslaving a small town in WandaVision.

At the time many viewers were confused by his non-appearance. After all, what’s the point in having a Sorceror Supreme if they’re not dealing with huge and harmful magical spells? Well, thanks to No Way Home we now know that Strange isn’t the Sorceror Supreme any longer — when he was blipped by Thanos the mantle automatically passed to Wong, and it appears that it can’t simply be returned now that he’s back.

Strange not being Sorcerer Supreme post-snap means Westview wasn’t his responsibility, though admittedly that doesn’t answer why Wong didn’t show up.

In the trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness that follows No Way Home‘s credits, we see Strange meeting up with Wanda at her hideaway. She assumes he’s there to finally address her misuse of magic, but he quickly assures her that he’s “not here to talk about Westview.” 

Judging by the action in the rest of the trailer the pair have bigger fish to fry, though I imagine Wanda has to face at least some consequences for putting an entire town under painful mind control in order to work out her personal trauma.

Here’s hoping we find out more about the magical shift of power in the MCU soon, but I’m happy to see Wong take the spotlight as Sorceror Supreme for a bit as No Way Home proved Strange isn’t the most responsible wizard.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now in theaters.