‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ fans are terrified of discovering spoilers

It doesn’t matter how many hashtags fans generate, with two of Twitter’s top tags worldwide currently #DontSpoilNoWayHome and #DeletingTwitter, there’s always going to be a hefty selection of spoilsports waiting in the wings to pour cold water all over the hopes and dreams of those seeking to avoid Spider-Man: No Way Home details until they get to see the movie for themselves.

Obviously, a simple solution would be to just not use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or any of the other associated apps for a few days, but that isn’t the way society works anymore. As you can see below, No Way Home spoilers have fans running scared now that the embargo is up and anybody can post whatever they like.

The reviews have vaguely teased that Spider-Man: No Way Home is exactly the movie everyone wants it to be, and it’s difficult for critics to dive into specifics without giving too much away. If you don’t care about finding things out ahead of time, then Twitter comes in very handy for this sort of thing, even if it pisses a lot of other people off to no end.