‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ is Cineplex’s biggest pre-sale ticketing launch ever


Now that the dust has settled down ever so slightly, even if there was a real danger of two opposing camps of fans walking towards each other menacingly while clicking their fingers in a virtual sense, Spider-Man: No Way Home tickets are now being distributed ahead of the December 17 premiere.

It caused exactly the kind of panic and chaos that everybody was expecting, with servers slowed to a crawl as those desperate to see Tom Holland’s third solo outing frantically refreshed their browser pages to see if they’d gotten any further ahead in the queue.

No Way Home is surely guaranteed to become the highest-grossing release of the pandemic era, with the $896 million brought in by Chinese blockbuster The Battle at Lake Changjin the current benchmark, and as you can see below, the Marvel Cinematic Universe epic has scored the biggest pre-sale launch in Cineplex history.

That’s quite the achievement when you consider we’re still dealing with the worst health crisis in generations, and we could be talking about cinema’s first billion-dollar hit since Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hit theaters two years ago. If you want to avoid Spider-Man: No Way Home spoilers, then you’d better be there opening day, which is what everybody’s been trying to do.