Spider-Man: No Way Home Scene And Costume Details Reportedly Revealed

spider-man no way home

We haven’t seen it any of the trailers or images yet, but merchandise can always be relied on to give away major details regarding Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, so we’ve known for months that Spider-Man: No Way Home would see Tom Holland’s Peter Parker suited and booted in a nifty black and gold number.

Speculation already pointed to it being a deterrent against the abilities of a particular Sinister Six villain, but a new rumor from The Cosmic Wonder has offered up not just an explanation as to why Spidey needs new duds, but how he ends up acquiring them as well.

As per the report, the scene in question will see Holland thwart a bank robber played by hos own brother Harry, before a Mysterio supporter drenches the web-slinger in green paint. As a result, Peter is forced to turn his suit inside out, which his where the black and gold color scheme comes from.

Again, tie-in merch displaying a reversible Spider-Man costume that’s red and blue on one side but black and gold on the other lends further weight to the story, but it’s a little underwhelming to find out that a rogue can of paint is responsible for No Way Home‘s new look, rather than the combined threat of multiversal villainy threatening the very fabric of reality.