‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ sets yet another impressive record

Even though Spider-Man: No Way Home has only been playing in domestic theaters for less than 24 hours, it’s been revealed that the multiversal superhero epic has set another impressive record, continuing the trend of Tom Holland’s third web-slinging adventure decimating benchmarks wherever it goes.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe threequel has only been playing internationally since Wednesday, and yet here we are on Friday morning talking about a fourth different milestone being reached on a third different continent. Having already smashed opening-day pandemic records in Korea and the United Kingdom, No Way Home then went on to score the highest single-day haul that Mexico has ever seen.

To continue what’s going to be the theme of the weekend, Fandango reports that No Way Home has sold more tickets already than any other 2021 release managed in the entirety of its theatrical run. Just to hammer that incredible statistic home even further; today is the film’s first full day on the big screen.

On top of that, No Way Home has been the top-selling title for Fandango every single day since tickets went on sale, which was roughly three weeks ago. Those $150 million projections may be a little understated, based on the way Spidey’s latest battle against supervillainy is handily smashing records everywhere it touches down.