‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ VFX won’t be finished until next week

A lot of filmmakers are open in admitting that they’re never really finished working on a project, it just gets taken away from them by the studio as deadlines for post-production and release begin closing in.

That goes a long way to explaining the popularity of the Director’s Cut, and it’s not unusual for major blockbusters to take things right to the wire. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has previous for this, with the Shawarma scene from The Avengers famously being shot after the movie’s world premiere, and it sounds as though Spider-Man: No Way Home is also cutting it very close.

Collider revealed the official run time for the multiversal epic last night, and editor-in-chief Steven Wientraub followed that up on Twitter by claiming that the final VFX shots for the film won’t be delivered until next week, as you can see below.

You’d imagine the effects wizards have been working overtime for a while now given the massive scope and scale of a superhero story that spans three separate franchises and expands the MCU’s multiverse. Spider-Man: No Way Home is coming to theaters in less than two weeks, so it’s all systems go to put the final touches on what can comfortably be called the most hotly-anticipated release of the last two years.