‘Spider-Man’ trilogy writers confirm every script had Kraven the Hunter at one stage

Image via Sony

Long before the project that eventually became Spider-Man: No Way Home was confirmed to be a multiversal adventure that combined three generations of web-slinging storytelling, most fans were expecting Kraven the Hunter to be the villain of Tom Holland’s third solo movie.

Much of that stemmed from director Jon Watts admitting in the aftermath of Far From Home‘s release that he’d love to rope in the big game hunter in the future, while writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers have now confirmed to The Wrap that Sergei Kravinoff was part of the drafting process for all three installments.

“I don’t think there’s been a draft of any of the Spider-Man movies where Kraven the Hunter [wasn’t the villain]… Kraven is cool, he’s got the fur and the thing.”

Holland didn’t even think Marvel and Sony would be able to pull off the ambitious concept they had in mind for No Way Home, but Kraven would have been a perfectly acceptable antagonist for Peter Parker to face off with had the threequel not gone down the alternate reality route.

Of course, Kraven the Hunter will make his live-action debut in January 2023, with J.C. Chandor directing Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the title role as part of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, which means there’s every chance the comic book nemeses will end up facing off eventually.