Spider-Man 3 Will Feature Another Major Avenger


Marvel’s Spider-Man solo movies have always made the most of taking place in the MCU. Obviously, Robert Downey Jr’.s Iron Man played a key mentor role in Spider-Man: Homecomingwith Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury (or at least his Skrull double) replacing him in Spider-Man: Far From Home. So, it’s been theorized for a while now that another familiar face from the franchise will turn up in Spider-Man 3 as well.

Speaking to our sources recently – the same ones who told us that the Endgame re-release post credits-scene featured the Hulk, Black Mask will be portrayed as gay in Birds of Prey and that the real Mandarin would be the villain in Shang-Chi, all of which we now know to be true – we’ve learned that “another major Avenger” will feature in Spider-Man 3. It’s not yet decided who it’ll be, but we’ve heard that right now there are three possible options: Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), Ms. Marvel (who’ll make her debut in the upcoming Disney Plus show before going on to join the New Avengers line-up in the films) or Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch).

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker has teamed up with both Carol Danvers and Stephen Strange in the past two Avengers movies, so it would be fun to see that continued with either one in the threequel. Having Kamala Khan show up, meanwhile, would provide a different dynamic from what we’ve seen before. Instead of having an older hero as a mentor figure, Peter would presumably be the more experienced one taking Kamala under his wing.

We know that screenwriters Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers have already begun working on the script, but it’s no surprise to hear that the film’s big guest star hasn’t been settled on yet. After all, Downey’s involvement in Homecoming was only decided late in the day as original drafts had Fury in his place (obviously, this premise was dusted off for FFH).

In any case, we expect Spider-Man 3 to shoot next year ahead of its release in July 2021, so it may be a while before we learn more, but for now, let us know which of these three heroes you’d like to see appear in the movie by leaving a comment down below.