Spider-Man 3 Will Reportedly Feature Something Fans Have Wanted To See For A While


The long-established rule for both comic books and their big screen adaptations is that nobody ever really stays dead, with the notable exceptions of Batman’s parents and Spider-Man‘s Uncle Ben. While Warner Bros. seem content to show us the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne over and over again, twice in the last four years in both Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Joker, Marvel Studios have so far resisted the temptation to retread familiar ground with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker.

While Uncle Ben has been referenced several times in the MCU’s Spider-Man franchise, the studio made a conscious decision not to depict the driving force behind Peter’s decision to become a friendly neighborhood superhero in live-action for a third time, presumably because they’re more than aware that everybody knows the character’s origin story, and we’ve already seen it happen twice before.

However, not having Uncle Ben appear in the flesh has robbed fans of one of the most important and iconic moments in Spidey’s history, namely the ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ speech, and with Tony Stark seemingly stepping into the role of ‘father figure that meets an untimely demise,’ it appeared that we might never hear it uttered as part of the MCU.

It looks like that may not be the case, though, because we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us about the She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel shows being in the works for Disney Plus before either of them were confirmed – that Spider-Man 3 will feature the famous dialogue. Except this time, Peter will be the one to say it.

According to our intel, the title hero will utter the words to a future villain, presumably in a heartfelt attempt to try and get them to stop their nefarious plan. And while it would admittedly be a little strange to hear Peter quoting Uncle Ben’s most famous soundbite, the MCU is well known for putting fresh twists on iconic comic book moments, and this would certainly be one way of finally getting ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ into the franchise without rehashing Spider-Man‘s origin story for a third time.