Spider-Man 3’s Title And Main Villain Reportedly Revealed In New Leak


A bunch of interesting rumors hit the internet last night regarding Spider-Man 3. According to a post on 4Chan (so take it with an iceberg of salt), the film will be titled Spider-Man: Home Run, the villain will be Kraven the Hunter and Marvel are eyeing either Henry Cavill or Jason Momoa for the part.

Now, the third entry in the MCU Spider-Man trilogy is indeed getting ready to shoot. According to Tom Holland, production will begin in Atlanta this July (Coronavirus permitting), which means we can assume that elements like a title and villain are already locked in, and Marvel Studios is currently casting the film.

But how likely is this to be true? Well, first up, Spider-Man: Home Run makes sense as a title. It continues the ‘Home’ theme (Homecoming and Far From Home) and alludes to the fact that Spider-Man is going to be on the run after he was framed for murder at the end of the last film.

That plot-line also means that Kraven the Hunter would work as an antagonist. After all, if New York City has decided that Spidey is a menace that needs to be stopped, maybe they would turn to a high-profile hunter famed for tracking the most dangerous game? In addition, while Kraven has traditionally been a rather silly villain, they could take inspiration from the excellent 1987 storyline Kraven’s Last Hunt, generally considered one of the best Spider-Man arcs of all time.

But Henry Cavill or Jason Momoa for the part? I just can’t see it. Henry Cavill is deep in production for The Witcher season 2 (though that may wrap by the summer) and Jason Momoa is too associated with the DCEU to make it work. While there has been some cross-pollination between the two cinematic universes, I can’t imagine Warner Bros. being happy about an actor playing one of their most successful heroes going on to work for their competition. But hey, James Gunn is simultaneously working on The Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, so who knows?