Spider-Man And Deadpool Team-Up Film Reportedly Being Discussed


One good thing about Deadpool‘s already established movies is that they’ve pretty much kept to themselves. With no significant overlap with Fox’s X-Men flicks, it’ll be easy for Marvel Studios to bring the Merc into the MCU now that they have the rights to him.

And while we’re right there with those of you eagerly awaiting an Avengers vs. X-Men movie, or to see someone like Wolverine fighting alongside folks like Black Panther and Doctor Strange, the potential for Deadpool-related team-ups is perhaps the most exciting part of Marvel’s future. After all, Wade Wilson is no stranger to joining forces with other characters in the comics and now that he’s in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you can bet that Kevin Feige and co. will be looking to do the same on the big screen.

In fact, Cosmic Book News is telling us this week that such a project is currently on the cards, with the studio said to be discussing a team-up film for Deadpool and Spider-Man. Yes, Peter Parker and the Merc with a Mouth may one day get their own cinematic outing and frankly, we can imagine few things we’d rather see happen more than that.

This little tidbit comes in a report full of juicy information about Spidey’s future now that he’s back in the MCU and while we advise taking it with a grain of salt given the source, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that Marvel has plans to pair Spider-Man with some other heroes, like Deadpool and even Wolverine. In fact, CBN also notes that a Spidey/Human Torch film is being discussed, too.

Of course, plans can always change and it doesn’t sound like anything is set in stone just yet, but the potential for team-ups with these characters is just too enticing to pass up and you can bet that be it Spider-Man or someone else, Deadpool will be crossing paths with many of the MCU’s most beloved heroes before long.