Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Secret Villain Has Been Revealed


So far, Marvel has held off on tackling a major aspect of the Spider-Man mythos that was a prominent part of the past movies in the franchise, but rumors have long pointed to Spider-Man: Far From Home finally introducing this element into the MCU.

I am, of course, talking about the Osborn family. And it now seems we have it confirmed that Oscorp will feature in next month’s much-anticipated sequel. Grace Randolph shared on Twitter yesterday the huge reveal that Norman Osborn’s company would definitely play a part in Far From Home, tweeting the following:

One fan then asked Randolph where her information comes from and she revealed that she got it firsthand from a screening of the movie she attended.

Oscorp, and Norman Osborn himself, have long been theorized to show up in FFH and Randolph’s choice of GIF in her tweet might tell us how the company will be teased. As we previously wrote, this shot comes from a moment in a recent TV spot where Peter’s seen swinging in front of what used to be Avengers Tower. You can see that it’s a completely different structure now, and fans had been guessing that Osborn had bought it off Tony Stark after Spider-Man: Homecoming and turned it into Oscorp HQ.

Reports also point to Norman Osborn playing a very significant role in the future of the MCU going forward. His introduction in Far From Home is expected to lead to the villain forming the Dark Avengers and becoming Iron Patriot, as he does in the comics. The expectation is that Marvel will focus on Osborn’s evil outside of his Green Goblin costume.

Of course, Grace didn’t confirm that we’ll actually see Norman in the flesh, but again, rumors have pointed to him showing up in the post-credits scene and the fact that Oscorp is confirmed to be in the film pretty much confirms that Mr. Osborn will appear as well. Even if it’ll only be very briefly.

In any case, be sure to catch Spider-Man: Far From Home, which looks set to be a key installment in the overall MCU, when it swings into cinemas on July 2nd.