Spider-Man: Far From Home Director Explains That Avengers: Endgame Plot Hole


You might remember the Spider-Man: Far From Home cast’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live back in May, in which Tom Holland and the rest joked about the confusing state of the MCU timeline following Avengers: EndgameOn the topic of how Peter Parker and his friends are still in high school following the five-year time jump, Holland jokingly called it “the biggest plot hole of all time.”

Now that we’ve actually seen the movie, it’s clear that the filmmakers were aware that this needed some clarification. In fact, the opening scene explains that those who were turned to dust before “the Blip” are required to redo the whole school year now that they’ve been resurrected. It wasn’t really a plot hole at all, then, so why did the cast pretend it was?

While speaking to Huffington Post, Far From Home director Jon Watts was asked about this and explained that he thinks Holland the gang were just saying as little as possible about the sequel in order to not spoil anything.

“I think they were just afraid of spoiling it. They didn’t know what they were allowed to say and not say.”

Watts went on to say that he was in the crowd of the show during its recording and admits to being a little bit frustrated that the cast were selling his film short.

“I was like, ’Guys, come on. Explain it. It sounds like you don’t know what we’re talking about.’”

To its credit, FFH actually tries to touch on several different ways the world would have been affected by the Blip. For instance, Aunt May hosts a fundraiser for those who found themselves homeless once they were de-dusted. There’s also the character of Brad Davis, who was much younger than Peter before the Blip but is now the same age and his rival for MJ’s affections. That said, it might have created a different plot hole or two instead.

Tell us, though, do you feel that Spider-Man: Far From Home dealt with the fallout of Endgame pretty well? Join the conversation in the usual place below.