Spider-Man: Far From Home Editor Teases A Funnier Movie On A Grander Scale


Though the Webhead is easily one of the most popular and enduring superheroes the world over, he’s had somewhat of a bizarre cinematic history over the past two decades. Don’t get me wrong, the wall-crawler has raked in a lot of dough, but let’s not forget that he’s been rebooted twice already – and in such a short timespan.

On the plus side, 2017’s Homecoming served as a highly satisfying introduction for Peter Parker into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, I’d say it was my favorite film featuring the character to date. That said, I’m right there with you if you’re someone who’s looking forward to seeing Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Of course, details concerning any flick produced by Marvel Studios set to follow Avengers 4 are going to be scarce for some time, so we’ll take whatever we can get in the interim. And on that note, despite being quite vague, editor Dan Lebental had this to tease now that Ant-Man and the Wasp is behind him (via The Hollywood Reporter):

“I can’t say much about the new Spider Man, but I will offer up that it will be both grander in scale and even funnier than the last one. The rest of the story will have to wait.”

As you likely surmised, Spidey bringing humor along for another ride was a given. When it comes to having a grander scale though, I don’t mind that, but when I think of this particular hero, I imagine him as saving New York City from a villain populating his deep rogues gallery – and not deciding the fate of the planet unless he’s teaming up with the Avengers.

To be sure, this will only fuel speculation even further, as some have even theorized that Peter’s next adventure will go cosmic, a notion that nobody outside the film’s production is qualified to shoot down at this point. But hey, at least we know we can look forward to seeing Jake Gyllenhall as Mysterio.

Spider-Man: Far From Home arrives in theaters on July 5th, 2019.