Spider-Man: Far From Home Fans Are Loving The New “Night Monkey” Film


Spider-Man: Far From Home is currently in the midst of what looks to be a triumphant opening weekend. And while audiences are finding plenty to appreciate in Spidey’s new solo outing, it seems that Peter Parker’s latest superhero moniker is going down particularly well with the MCU fanbase.

As those who’ve seen the film will know (and if not, then be warned that some minor spoilers lie ahead), Peter’s field trip to Europe is hijacked by Nick Fury, who approaches our hero with a mission. Though the web-slinger initially refuses the assignment – arguing that appearing in Europe as Spider-Man will give away his identity – Fury gets around Peter’s excuse by giving him a brand new suit.

Nonetheless, the black-clad wall-crawler immediately draws Spider-Man comparisons from Peter’s friends, prompting Ned to come up with the lie that this masked stranger is actually another superhero named Night Monkey. The name has evidently left an impression with viewers, many of whom are now taking to social media to welcome the new arrival:

Whether Night Monkey will ever return remains unclear, but it feels safe to assume that we haven’t seen the last of his alter ego Spider-Man. Producer Amy Pascal even offered her assurance this week that the MCU’s Peter Parker will get a third solo outing, at which point, it’ll be interesting to see how the threequel addresses the cliffhanger ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

How will Peter adapt to life as a fugitive? We’ll likely have at least a couple more years to speculate, but in the meantime, Marvel is finally finished with both Phase 3 and the MCU’s 2019 slate. As for what’s next, we can no doubt expect some announcements at this month’s San Diego Comic-Con.