Sony Producer Says She’s Sure That Spider-Man 3 Is Happening

Spider-Man Homecoming 2

Spider-Man: Far From Home is currently shattering records at the box office. People love Tom Holland’s portrayal of Peter Parker so much that Spider-Man 3 seems practically inevitable. It’s important to remember, though, that folks thought the same thing about The Amazing Spider-Man franchise not too long ago. In fact, there was actually a time when we thought Andrew Garfield would play the web slinger until 2020.

Clearly, that didn’t pan out, and with only one MCU movie left on his contract, some particularly anxious fans are starting to worry that Holland might be destined for the same fate as his predecessor. Producer Amy Pascal, however, has assured those worriers that this won’t happen. In fact, she thinks that a follow-up to the latest Spidey movie with the young star at the forefront is inevitable:

“You know, I don’t think that we’re ready to tell anybody yet. But, yes, of course, there are so many stories that you can tell about Peter Parker and Spider-Man. I think the multi-verse and the Spider-Verse has opened up unlimited possibilities for us. I think that the great thing about what Stan [Lee] and Steve [Ditko] did, is that they are characters that can be reinterpreted. It’s 1962, it’s a long time for something to remain fresh, and yet it’s been able to. I think that’s because just like all of the artists who did all of the various spectacular, amazing, ultimate, everything has been able to reinterpret these kinds of classical characters. We’re able to do that, too.”

The question then remains as to who will join the web slinger onscreen for his next adventure. Deadpool has been rumored to potentially make an appearance, but Kevin Feige has already shot that down. He’s also downplayed gossip that Green Goblin and/or Doctor Octopus will be a part of the next installment as well. Sony reportedly wants Tom Hardy’s Venom to pop up at some point, while others believe Justin Hammer may make his return as the villain.

Holland will undoubtedly be happy with any of these options. If it were up to him, though, he’d like to see his character square off against dinosaurs and join forces with Garfield and Tobey Maguire in the Spider-Verse. Despite how awesome that would be though, it doesn’t seem likely to happen.

Still, fans should be excited that Pascal says another installment starring the beloved 23-year-old actor is basically a lock. Anything can still happen, of course, but it feels good knowing that a longtime producer is confident going on the record with her certainty. If the next movie is just as successful as the other two in the series, maybe Holland really will play Peter Parker for as long as he wants.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is currently showing in theaters worldwide, while Spider-Man 3 is expected to swing onto the big screen some time in 2021.