Tom Holland Wants Spider-Man To Face Off Against Dinosaurs


If you already had the chance to check out Spider-Man: Far From Home, you’re aware how the latest MCU film pits Peter Parker against some rather formidable foes. Aside from battling his own inner demons, Spidey brings the fight to the Elementals, which easily take the cake when it comes to their destructive ability and sheer size. However, it looks like the man behind the suit wants to take on an entirely different breed of creature, which may require some time travel (or, at the very least, a loose spin on extinct species).

In an interview with Digital Spy, Tom Holland (and Jacob Batalon, who plays best friend and sidekick Ned Leeds) said he wants Spider-Man to head “somewhere tropical” and face off against dinosaurs.

Yep, dinosaurs.

In fact, it looks like Holland did his research, referencing a comic where Spidey battles Doc Ock and ends up in a jungle, fighting the prehistoric creatures (frankly, we’re just impressed with the actor’s dedication to the role).

“There is a Spider-Man comic where he’s fighting Doc Ock in a private plane and he falls out of the plane into a jungle and then there’s dinosaurs in the jungle and stuff,” Holland explained.

Tom also brought up the oft-forgotten James Cameron Spider-Man project, which was in development all the way back in the 90s. Obviously, though, that particular film never saw the light of day.

“That’s what James Cameron’s Spider-Man was going to be about. He wrote a Spider-Man script and it was about Spider-Man fighting dinosaurs I think. It’d be like Jurassic Park: Spider-Man Awakening or something like that.”

We’re not entirely sure if that idea will ever be revisited within the MCU, but, as we’ve seen with the ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home, anything is certainly possible. Jacob Batalon also expressed his interest in becoming a villain and facing off against Spidey, mirroring his comic book origins. Personally, we like Ned’s status as a lovable and sometimes goofy sidekick, but as always, we’ll keep you apprised if any new developments come to light.