Spider-Man: Far From Home Featured A Fun Nova Easter Egg

nova Marvel

Spider-Man: Far From Home sets up the future of the MCU in a number of ways. The post-credits scenes, for example, teased a very different status quo for Peter Parker to come in Spider-Man 3 as well as a presumed hint at the contents of Captain Marvel 2One easily-missed easter egg may also have reminded us that a Nova movie is on the way, likely in Phase Four.

When Peter is on the flight to Europe, he browses the in-flight entertainment to find something to watch, though he becomes emotional when he happens upon a Tony Stark documentary. Those with eagle-eyes, however, may have noticed the mock-posters for fake films that Peter could have chosen. The titles all refer to elements of the MCU, including The Snap, Finding Wakanda and Hunting Hydra. But the most interesting one has to be Nova. 

Wait a second, though. This doesn’t mean that Richard Rider is some documentary star in the MCU. The Nova poster features a logo that resembles the one used by the real-life PBS science show of the same name. And, what’s more, it appears to be hosted by Erik Selvig. Maybe Thor’s old pal got the gig once that video of him running around Stone Henge naked went viral?

This might not be a direct nod to the cosmic hero, then, but referencing something that sports the name of a character we’re expecting to arrive on the big screen in due course can’t be a total coincidence. As such, this could well be teasing that Nova is definitely on his way. After all, Kevin Feige has confirmed that Rider’s on the MCU’s to-do list. Plus, rumors say he’s going to make his debut in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. 

Tell us, though, did you spot any other cool easter eggs in Spider-Man: Far From HomeLet us know in the comments section down below.