Nova’s Role In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Will Set Up His Solo Movie


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has a lot on its plate. As well as wrapping up the story of Star-Lord and his friends, we’ve also heard that it’ll introduce many fan favorite characters from the comics into the MCU for the first time. For instance, Moondragon, Beta Ray Bill and Adam Warlock. One who could be significant to the future of the franchise, though, is Nova, who new intel says could be spun off into his own movie.

Reddit user TheMarvelScoopMaster previously claimed that Nova would debut in Vol. 3. Now, the Redditor is saying that the character’s role will set up a Nova film that’s coming sooner than you think. Apparently, it could be with us by May 2022.

“I’d probably put Nova in the May 6, 2022 spot as I’ve been hearing they’re going to introduce him in GOTG 3 and spin him off in his own film.”

This is actually a theory fans have had for a while now. It was reported that Guardians 3 would prove crucial to the expansion of the cosmic side of the MCU going forward and Kevin Feige has admitted that a Nova movie has been percolating at Marvel Studios. It just makes sense that the threequel would introduce Richard Rider, teeing the way for his own film. Though 2022 is surprisingly soon for this to happen.

The Nova Corps first appeared in Guardians of the Galaxyand since then fans have been wondering when Richard Rider’s hero would join them. After the destruction of Xandar, and likely the Corps themselves, in Avengers: Infinity Warit seemed like the perfect time for Rider to make his mark on the Marvel universe. And it seems we may have been right.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, according to this same source, is locked in to begin shooting in February 2020 ahead of a May 2021 release date. If that’s true, we should hear more casting news in a few months’ time, so stay tuned.

Source: Reddit