Spider-Man: Far From Home Reveals The New Name For Thanos’ Snap


The ending of Avengers: Infinity War shocked audiences, most of whom couldn’t wait to start discussing its consequences and what would come next. There’s only one problem: what do you call it? I tried and failed to make the Snappening a thing, but most ended up calling it the Snap.

This doesn’t make much sense in-universe though as only a handful of heroes were there to watch Thanos snap his fingers. Due to this, Marvel Studios eventually stepped in to announce that the Snap was officially called the Decimation. When they revealed that though, pedants immediately got a headache as a “decimation” is the destruction or removal of one in ten rather than half. But now, Spider-Man: Far From Home has told us the final, official in-universe name.

Apparently, it’s called the Blip. Yup, throughout Far From Home characters refer to this world-changing event, in which their loved-ones collapsed into piles of dust only to mysteriously reappear 5 years later as the Blip. Sounds a little anticlimactic for something so colossal, doesn’t it?

If you’ve seen the film, you’ll know that we see people talking about “being Blipped,” with an early scene featuring Aunt May giving a speech at a charity fundraiser that’s described as being displaced by the Blip.

Though I think the name is kinda silly, I guess it’s as good as any other. Plus, it’s nice to hear that Far From Home is dealing directly with the consequences of Thanos’ actions. After Infinity War, many expected the TV shows to address this huge change in the world, only for them to skate over the issue. It’ll be interesting to see how long the after-effects of it will last, too.

I’d think in the real world this would be a society changing experience, but with the MCU kinda sorta supposed to be reflective of the contemporary real world, I suspect that Spider-Man: Far From Home may be the last time we see the effects of the Blip explored in depth.