Spider-Man: Far From Home Set Video May Reveal That [SPOILERS] Knows Spidey’s Identity


If the various photos and clips that have made their way online from the set of the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home are anything to go by, it looks like Peter Parker could be sharing quite a few scenes with his classmate Michelle “MJ” Jones, both in his brand new costumes, and in his regular daytime wear. And based on this latest video from New York leg of the film’s production, some fans are now saying that Zendaya’s character will even find out who’s hiding behind the trademark mask.

The footage in question seems to be taken from a sequence where the wall-crawler swings through the air while holding MJ in one arm. As they make their journey through the sky, Zendaya delivers a few lines of dialogue, and while her words are hard to make out, it’s been suggested that if you listen closely enough, you’ll hear the actress refer to Peter by his real name.

Honestly, with audio this unclear, this seems like it could well be a case of fans simply hearing what they want to hear, but if you can genuinely make out an unmistakable utterance of the word ‘Peter,’ then more power to you.

An earlier set video, which might have been taken from the same sequence, shows the web-slinger carry MJ safely to the ground where they have a slightly more intelligible exchange of words. But while this brief passage of dialogue may not yield any real surprises, that same video still earned the attention of the internet thanks to the new costume that Tom Holland dons. The red-and-black outfit is one of two new getups we’ve seen Peter wear throughout the shooting of this Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel, the other being the dark stealth suit he wore while in Europe.

We’ll see if MJ ever figures out who’s underneath this ever-changing array of outfits when Spider-Man: Far From Home comes out on July 5th, 2019.

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