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New Spider-Man: Far From Home Set Pic Gives Us A Better Look At The Stealth Suit

The latest set photo to emerge from the set of Spider-Man: Far From Home all but confirms that Peter Parker is about to don the stealth suit.

Peter Parker’s suite of suits has sparked heated debate over the past few weeks, no thanks to the wildly successful release of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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It’s since become the fastest-selling first-party title in PS4 history after shipping a whopping 3.3 million copies in only three days, totaling $192 million in a single weekend – higher than even the opening weekend of Spider-Man: Homecoming back in 2016.

But take nothing away from Jon Watts’ standalone adventure; it helped lay the groundwork for Sony and Marvel’s blossoming partnership, all the while cementing Tom Holland’s place as a key pillar of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Case in point: the young Web-Head is slated to appear in two Marvel movies next year – Avengers 4, and the globetrotting Spider-Man: Far From Home. The latter is still filming across parts of Eastern Europe, and the latest set photo has arrived to prove it. First spotted over on Twitter, it all but confirms the introduction of the world-famous stealth suit, as Peter Parker looks particularly sneaky in the following pic:

You’ll also notice that Spidey is clinging onto a Ferris wheel, giving us yet more evidence that Far From Home will feature a carnival setting at some point in the story. Chances are it’ll come into play once Peter Parker and his friends touch down in Europe, where they’ll inevitably encounter the man known as Quentin Beck – better known to you, I and the entire Marvel fanbase as Mysterio, one of Peter Parker’s greatest ever foes.

The esteemed Jake Gyllenhaal has been cast as Beck for Spider-Man: Far From Home, though we’ve yet to catch a glimpse of what his mega-villain looks like. Filming continues apace, though, so it shouldn’t be too much longer before Mysterio is unveiled to the masses.